Thursday, January 20, 2011

Windows 7 Loader 1.9.3 - Make Windows 7 Genuine

Warning: Though this hack works 99.9%, try this hack at your own risk.
After downloading the torrent using UTorrent or any torrent client, you’ll find the following files in your Windows Explorer.
Before installing the crack, read the “Read me.txt” file. Run the “Windows Loader.exe” to crack, hack, patch your Windows 7 and make it genuine. You’ll be shown the following screen.
Then select “Profile tab. You’ll be displayed with the following screen.
As you can see, the SLIC and Certificate information is to be selected. Select your favourite OEM manufacture model.
Note: The SLIC and certificate must match.
Now, go to “Installation” tab and click on “Install”. Kudos! Your Windows 7 is activated and becomes genuine.

1. Do you have the WAT update installed, KB971033? If yes you may have got flagged as non-genuine, in order to become genuine again just do the following.


* Launch the loader application and select to uninstall * Restart the PC * Install the loader and restart the PC

2. Is Windows failing to boot after you installed the loader? Just do the following.


* Boot up the PC from your Windows installation disk * Select the "Repair your computer" option * Select "Command Prompt" * Input "bootsect.exe /nt60 SYS /force" (without quotes) * Restart the PC

Note: If the above doesn't fix your boot issue then use the command "bootsect.exe /nt60 ALL /force" instead. Just make sure you remove all USB flash drives before you use the command.

3. If you have previously used another activation solution and have been marked as non-genuine then you first need to uninstall the software you used or just format and start fresh.


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